Call To Artist

For Immediate Release
Oklahoma City, OK
The Manhattan OKC, the next great social hotspot in downtown OKC, wants to engage the artistic talents of the 405. We ask for artists to recreate a simple piece of clip art into a creative masterpiece. Use the supplied drawing of a Manhattan Cocktail (see below) as your inspiration for an original work of art to be placed in our soon-to-be-opened establishment and utilized via our print, online and social media outlets.
For consideration, please submit at least one of the following:
  • Written narrative (less than 500 words) explaining your artistic and practical approach to the project
  • A simple sketch, rough draft or unfinished work showing your idea and style
  • A similar existing work with details about creating an original work
  • A photograph of a completed original work based on the inspiration
All 2d mediums considered
In addition, please submit a professional artist resume and 3-4 images of your work or a link to a website with the same material. All submitted entries will be considered. Multiple artists will be selected to create a complete, original work of art based on the original drawing, in their own style. Required elements will be the martini glass and ingredients list with measurement. The rest is up to your imagination.
The 4-6 artist chosen, dependent on the number of entries and decision of our jurist, will receive $200 cash and a $100 Manhattan OKC gift card in exchange for a finished work of art based on the proposal above. Finished piece must be at least 12”x12” and no bigger than 48”x48” with a preferred 18”x24” finished size. Mounted, wired and ready to hang in The Manhattan OKC. Artist will transfer all rights to display the work and use in promotional materials. Artist credits will be given when possible. Each chosen artist will receive special recognition on as well.
Please submit required materials and/or links to by 4/23/17 for consideration. Selected artist will be notified within 1 week of the submission deadline.
The Manhattan OKC is your neighborhood bar in the heart of downtown OKC. A timeless classic like the drink itself, The Manhattan OKC is a casual place to meet friends for a cocktail and bite to eat. Conveniently located in the Central Business District, The Manhattan OKC offers drink and food options day time and late night. Skip rush hour and join us for a classic cocktail, glass of wine or craft beer paired with a delicious dish from Chef Bruce Rinehart.